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by Death on Fire

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released May 5, 2017


all rights reserved



Death on Fire Chicago, Illinois

Death on Fire is the solo project of Tim Kenefic. Tim is an
accomplished musician having played in many regional acts like
Sunday in Hostage and Conspiracy of Silence. He studied music
at Indian University and performed for 4 years with the IPFW guitar ensemble. Death on Fire blends classical, thrash, death metal, and to a lesser extent jazz into an aggressive sound all their own.
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Track Name: American Dream
My Children
My Bride
My in-promised future based on a lie
You're selfish and cruel
Shame on me to think you were more
You'll never be who I need you to be, take the knife from my back when you leave
You spit venom and fear
I tried to love you
I tried to need you
I tried to believe you

I am the American dream
the Mother Fucker
The life wrecker
You will fall to your knees and learn to worship at my feet
I am the false hope you seek
I am the lie you need
I am the American dream
Track Name: A Slave by Your Own Hand
Breath it in to take away, your weakness shows with every gasp. Reduced to an animal, destroy each life you touch to taste your mistakes.
It owns you, controls you, you beg to make it end, your weakness is willful
A Slave by your own hand
Those around you a means to an end, you cant see past your own face. Now just a monster filling a blind need. no longer human, more parasite, what happens when there's nowhere to feed
You chose it, now own it, don't let it control you
You chose it, now own it, it will destroy you
you are a cancer
Track Name: The Fall
the blood
the flesh
the thunder of a breaking heart
the cold
the darkness
the sorrow taking over

where have you gone, how can this be, see how the fall is breaking me

the past
the distance
the fading of precious memories
the haunting
the longing
the begging for what used to be

where have you gone, how can this be, see how the fall is breaking me
Track Name: Blood Eagle
break your back
spread your ribs
plunge my hands in to your chest
blood eagle

in this place there's no love, no life just darkness
I see through all of you, now live for my vengeance
in this world or the next I will see you suffer
you're so high self righteous tell me can God hear you
you earned this
You've earned all of this
now beg for mercy
Track Name: Carry Me Home
shut your mouth
open your eyes
submit yourself to the grind
the world is evil dark and cruel
it crush hope and swallows dreams whole
the world is a parasite, sucking the marrow and bleeding us dry
its time for you to realize no one will survive

Father, Brother, carry me home
Take me to where I belong
So I can rest my soul

Beg for your life
A chance to survive
where are you going to run to?
Where are you going to hide?
Track Name: Closer to Love (BTK) Murderer, Pt. 1
the gentile touch of your lips
your porcelain white skin
the rhythm of your breath when its just you and me
the taste of your fear
the melody of your scream
you're my obsession, you're my possession
you're mine for eternity

the blade quivers
the tears flow like rain
the pain thunders as you fight against your restraints
I will strip you down to the core piece by piece
I will build you to love me
keep you from running
I will crawl inside you wear you as my skin

you made me do this
you never saw me
now I will be the last thing you see
my name the last words that you breath
that's close enough to the real thing for me
closer to love than most people see

bind, torture, kill
soon you will understand my need, the bloodlust that I must feed
Track Name: The Difference Between You and Me
Nothing matters in the face of the machine, fueled by progress and greed, the death of all our dream, no one matters not the meager or meek, nothing matters in the face of the machine, not you, not me

I am a monster sent t o destroy
you are a victim meant to endure, the difference between you and me, I pray on the weak, you pray on your knees

I will never quit, I will persevere and thrive, if knocked down I will rise every time
Track Name: Kylie Marie
Kylie Marie, I wish you could see, just how this is killing me
the time and the space, the distance between
the fact that I am not there when you need me
Kylie Marie, I hope one day you'll see, its supposed to be for you in spite of me
I want to see what you see, I hope you see the best me
I want you to know who you are, you're the best of me
Kylie Marie, I wish you could see, just how this is killing me
the time and the space, the distance between
the fact that I am not there when you need me
Track Name: One Down Two to Go
trapped between to worlds
one life wrecked two more to go
spiraling out of control
the harder I try, the harder to hold
this life this love this lie, tearing me down
the silence is deafening
so many things left unsaid
every word that creeps out is a weapon slowly killing my hope
this life this love this lie, tearing me down
I have no more compromise, my convictions traded away, based on empty words and full bodied lies
what does that say about me?
I will take your respect, you will learn your place
I am not a dog to be beaten, I am a man to be feared
Track Name: Around Your Neck
father why have you forsaken me
father why have you forsaken us
trapped in this life
trapped in this hell
this world is a prison this world is my cell
waiting for the tide to carry me away, waiting for change
though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil
the longer I was with you
the more that the hate grew
now I am free the fire consumes me
with my hands around your neck
Track Name: A Hell of Our Own Design
theres no white light, no fire that burns, with my final breath the truth becomes clear, theres no reason we are here
live the lie, the grace meant to bind, look back on whats been missed, regret, faiths compromise, you've traded away your life

no matter what you do your fates already been sealed, theres no where to hide, its time for you to die
you'll scream my name for a hundred years, I will burn your cities down, no one will know, no one will care, I will burn your cities down

live with the scars of what you've done, live with the scars of retribution, I am the wraith of the righteous man, cast down upon you sent to kill

nothing matters we are burning together, in a hell of our own design, architects of the end of times, the machine eats us alive

living in a world that is a lie, no one gets out alive
Track Name: Who You Are
stronger than all, unconquerable soul, the jester, protector, righteous and more
no man your equal the world is yours
make of it what you will, take from it what you can
stronger than all, no man you equal

stand up, seize all that is yours
fight for what's right no matter the cost
stand up and show the world what it means to be who you are stronger than all