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"In short? Death on Fire do modern death metal right." - Sleeping Village Reviews

"Blend of Gothenburg melodeath with a dirtier breed of US thrash metal." - Decibel Magazine

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Short Bio:

DEATH ON FIRE's journey began back in 2016 as a studio project for frontman Tim Kenefic. Storming out of Indiana with a powerful sound and a newly acquired taste for touring the underground metal scene, the band rapidly built a name for themselves as road warriors: grinding across the country in the name of that next sick and twisted show.

Aiming to deliver a careful balance of tracks with appeal to a broad spectrum of extreme metal fans, DEATH ON FIRE deliver hard-hitting sound, dynamic experimentation, and homage to more traditional styles. DEATH ON FIRE draw inspiration from the established pillars of extreme metal while enhancing their signature edge with a dirtier brand of US thrash metal. The outfit are unafraid to push the beyond and unapologetic for striving further. Indulge with them in this raw and intense experience as they pursue the dark and the heavy.




The band is currently gearing up for the release of their second full-length album, Burial Hymns in Fall 2022 on Wrong Way Recordings, teasing the album with their new single, “Slave” being featured in Decibel Magazine and limited edition run of 7” vinyl singles to boot. Burial Hymns comes in hot off the heels of the Six Foot Box EP and DEATH ON FIRE's debut full-length, Ghost Songs.

Released in March of 2020, Ghost Songs, received critical acclaim with special attention directed at the lead single “Architects” and its accompanying video. Here's what the writers at Real Gone had to say about it:

 "Every once in a while, a track come along that is incredibly forceful, but it's the combination of riffs and images that makes for that unbelievable sucker punch. Rarely since the release of Job For A Cowboy's 'Tarnished Gluttony' in 2012 - with its themes of death and guilt - has a video made such an instant impact as Death on Fire's 'Architects'."



2021's Six Foot Box EP, and the wide diversity across its three-song track list, met mixed reviews. While the premiered singles “A Hell of Our Own Design” and “Begging for Air” were well received, the title cut, “Six Foot Box” was more divisive. Some people loved the inclusion of this track which was “more in the vein of dark folk and rock than metal” (No Clean Singing), while others wondered what business it had doing on a metal record. Despite this disparity, however, most people agreed that it took guts to make a record like this while many other bands were still regrouping in the post-pandemic-lockdown world and they respected the unapologetic musical experimentation. Here's more of what the writers at No Clean Singing had to say about the Six Foot Box EP:

"For just a three-track EP, Death on Fire‘s Six Foot Box is a vibrantly diverse and dynamic experience that manages to hit home in multiple ways. After reaching the end, it’s really easy to loop back around to the beginning, to re-live the experience and try to get a better understanding of how the band managed to provoke such a reflexively visceral and physical response while simultaneously moving emotions in such different and powerful ways. By then, the songs have just dug their hooks deeper under the skin, even further strengthening the desire to go back to them."




Performance highlights through the years include opening for metal legends like Obituary, Phil Anselmo, and Suicide Silence; touring from Indiana to the Gulf of Mexico and back; and performing as part of the lineup for Full Terror Assault festival 2021. You can check out past and upcoming shows at this link.


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