See What People Are Saying About Death on Fire:

"Blend of Gothenburg melodeath with a dirtier breed of US thrash metal." - Decibel Magazine

"Will break your neck from headbanging" - Ghost Cult Magazine

"In short? Death on Fire do modern death metal right." - Sleeping Village Reviews

"Head-moving, hard-driving, high-voltage...manages to channel frenzy, despair, viciousness, and hallucination." - No Clean Singing

"It's the sound of a band brimming with imagination and the capabilities to express it coherently." -

"Every once in a while, a track come along that is incredibly forceful, but it's the combination of riffs and images that makes for that unbelievable sucker punch. Rarely since the release of Job For A Cowboy's 'Tarnished Gluttony' in 2012 - with its themes of death and guilt - has a video made such an instant impact as Death on Fire's 'Architects'." - Real Gone

"It’s apparent that Death On Fire get their inspirations from far more corners than just the metal spectrum. The riff structures and tones used throughout hint at a vast musical knowledge but with the bite this band has become known for."  -Nine Circles

"Damn good heavy metal" -

"Here’s a phrase I never expected to be typing... 'highly enjoyable modern melodic death metal.' But I’ll be damned if that isn’t exactly what Chicago-based multi-instrumentalist Tim Kenefic’s has managed to do with Witch Hunter" - Indy Metal Vault


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